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Andou Daisuke's Journal

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Friday, November 21st, 2003
3:19 am - And so...
My brother has his own lj finally...

Way to go, daibear!

Damn, your LJ looks cooler than mine... >_> gotta work on that... *grins at Mieko*

Mieko: *meeps and flails then sigh* hai hai! Will work on it, na ^_~

*grins* Gotta luv our Mom. :)

Also, congrats to Miya and Shi on their marriage! *grins* I don't expect to hear from you two until probably next year after your honeymoon. *nudge nudge* Take care of each other, na...

Kokorochan, I made a fire and dinner in our cottage... It's waiting for you when you get home also with a present with a big red bow on it. *winks* Love you...

current mood: impressed

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
7:24 am - Sankyuu
Thanks to all that went to the wedding! (^_^)v

See ya after the honeymoon!

Kokorochan, ai shiteru zutto... *kiss*

current mood: loved

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
12:40 am - Engagement announcement...
Just wanted to let you all know if you didn't know already... Kokorochan and I are engaged. (^_^)v *happiness*

current mood: loved

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Monday, April 7th, 2003
9:38 am - Still alive
Hey everyone,

I'm still around. Just been busy. Time differences suck. Especially this weird Daylight Savings Time my writer Mieko has to deal with. But she's taking it in stride. The things our writers do to make time for us and our beloveds.

Speaking of beloveds, to my one and only kokorochan, ai shiteru, zutto. I miss you and can't wait to see you very soon. I still need to play my other 2 songs (now a 3rd new song was made) to you.

Hanami was interesting to say the least. There's going to a bday party for Nya so I'm going to that. ^_^ So is Totchan.

We have new family members that moved in shortly after Totchan. Aiji and Takeo from Pierrot have moved in. Pretty cool guys... rather quiet but cool. Aiji and I get along cuz we're both guitarists mostly rhythm guitarists. Takeo would get along with kokorochan because they're both quiet yet adorable drummers. ^_^ Aiji and Takeo are unattached but they look out for each other like brothers. They would like to meet everyone one day!

Not much to really report about other than the fact that, again, I love and miss my Shinya. *smiles* I'll be back later. *salutes* Mata na!

current mood: calm

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2003
10:37 am - Kokorochan....
Wanted to let you know... I love you... Always. Miss you. Until the stars fall....

current mood: loved

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Monday, March 3rd, 2003
8:37 am - Otanjoubu omedetou, Mieko-chan ^_^
Just a quick note to say, Otanjoubi Omedetou to my writer Mieko! She also shares birthdays with her father, Chachamaru, Chyan, Eric Clapton and Alexander Graham Bell (da telephone man) ^_^v

Happy birthday, Mieko... Hope you have a wonderful, love. *hugs*

current mood: happy

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Saturday, March 1st, 2003
1:36 am - Thank God for the weekend...
Well, we got a lot accomplished today.

Took Mieko and her Mom to CVS to pick up Mieko's pain meds. Then off to the Post Office to mail off bills and Mieko's letter to KIWAMU with the order money for their promo video, photos and fun stuff. We then took off to Harbison, got some refund money from Best Buy, smacked up Wal-Mart for some jeans, medical supplies and various stuff we needed. Then to Columbiana Centre to go manga / anime shopping. Mieko's Momma bought her some early bday gifts. Life was good. We grabbed some Thai food for dinner and came back home.

I miss my kokorochan... I hope he's ok and I can't wait to see him when he gets home again. I love you Shinchan... zutto zutto...

current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, February 27th, 2003
8:35 am - *yawns*
I think sleep deprivation was not a good thing. Neither was being several states from your beloved with 24 inches of snow for 3 days. Then having to take care of your writer non-stop after surgery, missing your beloved's birthday and finding out all isn't well when you get back.

I'm trying my best to stay calm and try to help out. I'm just confused in my role. I'm staying with my beloved no matter what. Just... I'll figure this all out when I wake up.. I need to go to sleep... Kokoro-chan, ai shiteru, zutto....

current mood: ....

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Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
4:28 pm - Made new icons ^_^
Ok, so I have time on my hands.... Love you, Kokorochan....

Anata no hohoemichan...

current mood: accomplished

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7:21 am - I'm here....
Kinda cozy here. *smiles*

I'm Daidai. *salutes* I'll be kinda busy so I can't post everyday. But I will post for my kokorochan. If you need me, text my keitai. Not much to really say without grossing the average person out with mushiness. *grins*

Until then... mata na...

current mood: amused

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